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The brand Modernform International is derived from the combination of two words, “Modern” and “Form”.

   Modernform International symbolizes a globally recognized image of female beauty, our vision is to MODERN the style and FORM the beauty.

The Modernform International logo which is designed to simply depict the company name represents simplicity of the organization and its modern and stylish design to compete with other brands. 

The logo is also designed with bold alphabets to represent our strong, firm belief and commitment to our prospects, clients and partners. All Modernform International marketing materials are designed by our experienced graphics designers to compete and meet the current trend in the market.



Bra/Panty Set

Body Shaping




Find your favourite classic, halter or multi-way style.

Hurry! Visit our Modernform International counters nationwide and enjoy the luxury of our extraordinary lingerie!  Modernform International has always been proud of the fine qualities that have allowed it to become a leader in fashion trends. Without doubt, Modernform symbolizes the globally recognized image of female beauty. It has represented its never-ending commitment to the pursuit of feminine beauty and also symbolized an everlasting praise for beauty. 

Choosing the right lingerie can make you feel pretty, confidence and poise. And, with the right lingerie, your cloths fit you better, it trims you, firms you and shapes you.

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